Window & PVC Cleaning in Paignton

The Benefits of Pure Water Cleaning
  • Cheaper cleaning costs as Pure Water will keep windows cleaner for longer
  • Pure water dries spotlessly clean for a crystal clear finish
  • We clean your frames and sills as standard! Free of charge
  • Value your privacy! We clean most windows from the ground floor
  • Can be used to clean Fascia Boards, guttering, soffits conservatories and cladding
Our window cleaning service uses 100% pure water proven to give the best results.
Simply pure water tries to return to an impure state when applied to your window and agitated it lifts the dirt into the pure water which is then rinsed away leaving crystal clear glass behind.
To produce pure water we take regular tap water and rigorously purify it creating de ionised water (pure) unlike traditional window cleaning there is no chemical residue left on the glass to attract dirt.
An added benefit of pure water cleaning is that your frames and sills are cleaned each time for FREE yes FREE this is an important service, as the main cause of dirty windows is traffic pollution if this is not done and it rains the dirt from the frames runs down on to your previously clean windows.
With the pure water method of window cleaning, I do, regularly clean customers windows in light rain with no adverse effects.
We do not clean in heavy rain as the rain can bounce off of the surroundings transferring dirt back onto the windows so light rain YES heavy rain NO.
100% Satisfaction
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